When can I begin physical therapy?

  1. Most patients have arranged for postoperative physical therapy prior to their surgery. If you are planning to go to either of our facilities, your postop appointments should have been made by our staff. If you would like to go to one of our facilities for your PT and your appointments have not been arranged, please call our main number, 703-435-6604.
  2. If you plan to use an outside facility for your postop PT, you will need to make these appointments yourself. If you need the name of a convenient physical therapy facility, please contact my assistant.
  3. I will provide a personalized prescription for physical therapy the day of your surgery.
  4. In most cases, I suggest that patients who have had an arthroscopic procedure or shoulder replacement start physical therapy two days after their surgery. This should have been discussed prior to surgery and perhaps afterwards. Additionally, you should have received a physical therapy prescription from me upon discharge from the surgical facility. Often there is an accompanying protocol. Each case is individualized, but If you have not received a physical therapy prescription and you believe that you should have, please contact my assistant.
  5. If you have any questions about physical therapy, please contact my assistant.

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