Can I fill out the necessary paperwork on-line before my visit?

  • Yes you can and I strongly recommend this. This will help to expedite the check-in process. The patient forms are to be completed on our Patient Portal. This is accessible by clicking on this link or visiting our website: and clicking on the patient portal link on the top of the page. When your appointment is scheduled, you will receive an email with your access code for the portal, which you will use along with your birthday to enter the portal. You will also receive a reminder phone call in which your access code will be provided again.
  • For first time patients, there are several documents that need to be completed: Demographics, Medical and Social History, Health Review and a form detailing the history of the problem that you wish us to evaluate (Visit Reason). For the Visit Reason form, please select the “Initial Visit” form.
  • For returning patients, you should review the information on the Demographics, Medical and Social History and Health Review pages and make any necessary changes or updates. Please also complete the appropriate Visit Reason form: Initial Visit (for a new problem), Follow-up Visit or Post-op Visit.

Category: Administrative