What should I do before surgery in preparation for my surgery?

  1. Most of the facilities that I operate at, have the capability for you to securely complete your medical history on-line. I strongly recommend that you complete this prior to your surgical date. This will not only save you time and stress the day of your surgery, but will also enable the anesthesia and nursing team to be better prepared for your particular medical needs.
  2. You should have heard from the surgical facility where the surgery is to be performed. They should have informed you of when to stop eating and drinking and what to bring to the surgical facility. Make sure you have all the appropriate paper work, your photo ID and insurance card organized so that you do not have to look for it the day of surgery.
  3. Your medical doctor or the representative from the surgical facility should have informed you as to which of your medications you should not take and when to take the others. Make sure that you take your medications properly the day before and the day of surgery. Additionally, unless I have suggested otherwise, you should stop all aspirin and anti-inflammatories (other than Celebrex) 7-10 days prior to your surgery.
  4. You should have been instructed by the surgical facility when to stop eating and drinking the night before or the day of surgery. It is very important to follow these instructions. Failure to do so, will likely result in anesthesia canceling your surgery.

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